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Khách hàng


Customer opinions:


Kabl Ottenbreit: “The girl that serves us is very lovely! We enjoyed the food very much!” - 29/08/2016


Bennani: “Server’s attitude is very good. Thank you for the service” - 22/08/2016


Schlatter: “Very friendly and fast” - 26/08/2016


Tim Hudson: “Excellent service” - 14/08/2016


Futin: “A lovely restaurant! Awesome & enthusiastic staff. Nice Decor. And very tasty dishes. Thank you for the service!” - 15/08/2016


Pirollo: “The service and the food are perfect. Thank you so much” - 11/08/2016


Lisa Abel: “The staffs were very attentive and polite. The food variety on the menu was great. Our meal was wonderful!” - 8/8/2016